Tuesday, December 6, 2011

No-Sew Basset Stocking

A few years ago, Jesse got me this stocking, made of felt and ribbon, from my favorite home shop in Brooklyn, the now-sadly-closed Haystack. I LOVE it...so festive but not at all a traditional Christmas stocking.

I'd been admiring it for ages in Haystack's window and on Christmas morning he gave it to me, full of stocking stuffers. The year after, I decided he needed his own special stocking and after some searching, decided to make one for him myself. I just needed to decide what it would look like.

Very near and dear to our hearts is Fred, our basset hound. Jesse adopted him in 2005 and despite his love of eating trash, his nonstop whining at 6 am, and his serious shedding, we love him and couldn't imagine life without the little guy. Here he is today (taking good photos isn't one of his strong suits):

(Doesn't he look miserable? He's not. He's just camera shy.)

I decided to make Jesse a "Fred" stocking, using felt and hot glue. I made it two years ago, so I don't have step by step photos of how I did it, but it was pretty basic - decide what you want on the stocking, cut those shapes out from felt, hot glue them together, attach a ribbon for hanging, fill with stocking stuffers, give to your loved ones. Basic, right?

Here it is:

...and a close up of Fred's felt likeness (as you can tell from my choice in felt colors, when I made this stocking, Fred's fur was not nearly as "salt & pepper" as it is today!):

How do you do Christmas stockings? Handmade? All matching? Stockings for pets? Let me know and stay homey!


  1. Oh my goodness that is TOO cute! I am going to need to make my Floyd one of those!!

  2. Too cute! I like the Basset one better than the store-bought one!

  3. Ok so I keep coming back to this , its so cute! Im going to Feature this on my Facebook page today so stop by the blog and grab I was featured button <3


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