Friday, December 30, 2011

A Wedding Pennant Banner

Like owls, party banners (or pennants) seem to be all the rage lately.  I had seen them all over the blogosphere and decided to make one for Jaisa's bachelorette party.  The bachelorette party, a 4 day trip to New Orleans, took place the weekend after we moved so I knew this project needed to be simple and quick.  Using some colored cardstock, scissors, ribbon, and photos of Jaisa & Charlie, here's what I whipped up:

It was a departure from the usual bachelorette decor but Jaisa liked it so much that she had it displayed at her bridal shower & in the hotel room where we got ready for her wedding.  This was definitely one of my favorite projects of 2011 and I love how much use it got.

We've got plenty of weddings on the books for 2012... we'll see if a pennant banner makes another appearance.  Until then, stay homey!


  1. Thanks so much for the inspiration! This would work perfectly with some Long Island weddings I'm helping to plan.

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