Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sparky the Sparkly Seal

10 days to go until Christmas is that possible?  I got a little of my Christmas shopping done today but still have a LOT to do.  And our house decorations?  Forget about it - my neighbors must think that we're descendants of Ebeneezer Scrooge.  But.  I found some time today to create a quick and sparkly ornament using Sculpey clay and glitter.  Easy peasy.  Here's how:

I started with two colors of Sculpey clay - grey for the seal and a white for the ball.

After some squishing and molding, I got the clay to look like a seal.  Sort of.  I then created a round ball for the seal's nose and, using a straight pin, poked a hole through the top of the ball.  I baked the whole thing according to the packaging, around 20 minutes, and once it was out and cooled off, I colored some stripes onto the ball using colored Sharpies.

Since there were some imperfections in the finish of the seal (a few bumps and dings), I decided to gloss over the whole thing with a layer of sparkle paint.

Then, I stuck the pin back into the top of the ball, rounded the top of the pin to make a hanger, looped some string through, and voila...

We are in the final stretch til Christmas!  10 more ornaments to go.  Stay sane... and stay homey!


  1. What a fantastic holiday seal I think I will have some fun with this with the fame think of all the fun things you could have balancing on that nose!

  2. I mean could this get any cooler?


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