Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Trifle Delicious

I hope you'll forgive me for overstepping my homey bounds and posting so many recipes, but I am cooking more than usual right now.  So much beautiful fresh produce to enjoy.  This morning I am sharing details on how I made a non-fussy trifle last weekend when hosting my family.

When neurotically reviewing the weekend's menu with my mom beforehand for the 10th time, I mentioned that I'd make a trifle for dessert on Friday night because I wanted something "light".  She kindly reminded me that a trifle isn't exactly light and, it's true, it had been a while since I had eaten one.  I looked up a bunch of recipes online, picked out the bits and pieces that I liked, purchased my ingredients, and tracked down a makeshift trifle bowl (actually a wide glass vase).

Since ingredient amounts will vary based on how big your trifle bowl is, I will give you a rough idea of what I used.  Trifles are so versatile that you can throw in what you like and it's pretty much guaranteed to taste delicious.  Except Jimmy Dean Sausage.  Sorry, Jaisa.

I used:

strawberries, sliced
cream cheese
heavy cream
pound cake, cut into squares
(& a last minute addition, a slice of chocolate cake)

I whipped up one packet of cream cheese with a half-pint of heavy cream and three tablespoons of sugar in my KitchenAid.  It got fluffy and beyond delicious.  I set it aside before I could eat the whole thing and started layering the ingredients into my dish.

 I alternated layers of fruit with the pound cake and the cream.  I didn't want it to be too tall (harder to get out pieces), so I piled the trifle to be about the height of a tall layer cake and then let it sit in the fridge until we were ready to eat it.

This sure isn't the prettiest trifle out there (I haven't searched Pinterest for the sake of my sanity and self-esteem), but it was simple, delicious, & summery.

What other summer desserts are you making right now?  Fruit tarts?  S'mores?  Let us know and stay hungry!

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