Friday, July 13, 2012

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

This iced coffee is to die for.  I remember the first time I had Vietnamese iced coffee.  I was ordering 3 banh mi's for me (a Vietnamese sandwich I will be featuring on the blog soon) and since I was feeling a little under the weather...uhem...I thought an iced coffee would provide the pick me up I needed.  Iced coffee delivered to my door?  Yes please. 

Little did I know that this iced coffee would be the best I ever had.  Yum.  Except now I'm hyper from all this coffee so now I'm like 


Mine isn't the most authentic of recipes.  If you want to know what's really up with Vietnam and their brew of choice, check out Coffee Geek.  Mark gives a complete in depth review of this liquid crack-a-lack. 

This was my version: 

3 Shots of Espresso
3 Tbs of Sweetened Condensed Milk 

OMG JAISA 3 SHOTS OF ESPRESSO?!  Well...did you guys know that an 8 oz cup of coffee has around 200mg of caffeine and 3 shots of espresso has 150mg?  Yup.  Your mind = blown.  

Anyway, I brewed three shots of espresso.  Don't have an espresso maker?  Just brew a small pot of VERY strong coffee.  I'm sure there are better alternatives...but this is what I'd do.  Anyway, add your sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated...condensed) to your glass and pour your coffee on top.  Stir until the milk is mixed thoroughly.  Then, add your ice and continue to stir and stir until the coffee is nice and cold.  Stay cool, stay caffeinated, and stay hungry! 


  1. Sounds yummy! Do you think it would be just as delish with decaf espresso? Thanks, ~Merrill

    1. Yes, absolutely. I've had decaf espresso before and it's delicious :)

  2. I would definitely suggest this to my team mates in office space for rent . Surely, they would go with me to try the decaf espresso!

  3. Hey, this stuff is crack for sure. It will have ya runnin up the walls too. I like mine slightly less sweet--and that's a hard thing to get when I buy it so the only way is to make it at home.

    Nice link to coffeegeek too! I might have to update the photos for my Vietnamese cofee tutorial after seeing theirs. :)

  4. I’m a certified coffee junkie and this iced coffee will be the next thing that I would try. I’ve been seeing a lot of new coffee recipes online and this makes me want to buy a coffee maker, maybe I can also make a perfect coffee anytime that suits my mood.


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