Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

Jesse & I hosted a gathering for my family this weekend (12 people!).  Since we were celebrating my sister's 23rd birthday and other family "summer birthdays", I decided to make some ice cream sandwiches to supplement the chocolate cake my mom was bringing.  When it comes to desserts, my general theory is "the more, the merrier".  These ice cream sandwiches were tasty and a big hit with the crowd.  I suggest you give them a whirl for your next gathering.

You will need:

ice cream
sprinkles (Some people call these "jimmies".  I am not one of those people)
cookies (2 for each sandwich you want to make)

I made a more chocolate-y sandwich for the chocolate lovers (chocolate chip and m&m cookies, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sprinkles) and a chocolate-less sandwich for those who don't love chocolate as much as I do (sugar cookies, vanilla ice cream, rainbow sprinkles).

Let the ice cream soften a bit and then put a few scoops onto a cookie.  This gets a little messy but is well worth it.

Shape it with a spoon and then add the other cookie on top.  Roll the sandwich in your sprinkles until the ice cream is coated:

Pop the finished sandwiches back into the freezer to firm up and then serve.  Be prepared for them to disappear immediately.

Enjoy and stay hungry!


  1. my mom would always makes ice cream sandwiches coming up in my household, those were like a summer get together staple. and they were always chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream, no other varieties. yours with the jimmies would wonderful

  2. you could just cut up the carton of ice cream, put between your cookies, rip off the paper, and presto! instant perfect icecream sandwiches :)


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