Friday, July 27, 2012

Taste of River North

Taste of River North, or TORN (as Charlie likes to call it) was last weekend.  Chicago has some fantastic restaurants so it's always fun to check out the summer block parties that basically happen every weekend until the deep freeze takes over.   Here is a run down of some of the more yummy things we tried. 

The first booth we hit up was the English and Hubbard Inn booth.  Here is the English Crisp, Lobster Roll Club (lobster with finely chopped onion, bacon, and celery), and Bacon Wrapped Dates.  Deeeeelish. 


Here's a close up of the English Crisp because you know I love you.  Waffle fries topped with pulled pork, pickled cabbage, jalapenos, and melted cheese.  OKAY. 

Here is the paella and Cajun rubbed chicken from Moe's Cantina... 

Fleming's brought it with their Filet Slider with Caramelized Onion and Short Rib Slider with Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce.  Both of them were served with a side of chipotle mac n' cheese.  

Doesn't this look fun?  

We hit up Motel Bar for an awesome burger...

Wanna know the best thing we ate?  A simple steak quesadilla from Taco Joint.   

Cheesy beefy goodness.  Stay hungry!

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  1. Chipotle Mac N Cheese sounds right up my alley. Can you figure out how to make it and show me how? xox


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