Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summertime at Home

Our house is nice during all the seasons.  In the fall, in classic New England fashion, the leaves are red and orange and it feels crisp and autumnal.  In the winter, we often have the big fireplace going and a huge Christmas tree.  In the spring, the bulbs surrounding the whole house start to come up and the birds finally move back in.  But it's the best in the summer.  It really is.

I've finally set up a sitting area on my formerly-empty front porch, with chairs from Ikea, pillows from Etsy (bought before I realized how easy they were to make on my own), and a thrift store table.  It's a perfect place for coffee in the morning or reading outside before the sun goes down.

In a hanging basket on the front porch, our first strawberries are almost ready to eat and I am so excited.  Besides our herbs, this will be the first food we've had to eat from our garden this year!

Our backyard has a teeny tiny manmade pond (maybe the size of a king sized bed) with two hardy goldfish (leftover, somehow, from Summer 2011) and a bunch of frogs...

After one Saturday a few weeks ago spent hastily putting flowers into boxes, my 7 window boxes are finally in bloom and starting to overflow...

...plus a few errant planters around the porch...

I try to line dry most of our laundry during the summer.  Cutting down on electricity usage for the dryer makes me feel better about using more electricity for the pool filter and the AC.

Speaking of the pool, I was lucky enough to spend all of last Saturday sitting and relaxing in the shade, popping into the water whenever it got too hot to handle.


I will be back on Thursday with a list of my summer reading books!  Until then, stay cool and stay homey.

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  1. The strawberries look so good! The flowers are pretty too. Don't you just love summer?


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