Thursday, February 2, 2012

All Work & Some Play

The room I took care of first when we moved in was my office.  We had barely put sheets on the bed when I headed upstairs to start mapping out the room that was all mine.

Task number one was to deal with storage.  This room used to be a work-out room for the previous owner of our house and it didn't have any closets.  I got to work building my shelves.

Once my crafts & paperwork & photos had a place to live, I bought a desk and a bulletin board and started setting up my work area.

I should mention that my "decor style" in college was "as many photos of my friends & me that can possibly fit on one wall".  I also had a really awesome flip-flop poster from the GAP and a serious collection of Go Cards I used to collect at NYC restaurants.

In my "adult life", I try to keep loose photos & old postcards wrangled into one spot.  Enter my huge bulletin board...

It boasts my 2012 Bates calendar, a few of my favorite photos, NYC postcards from my mom, and a card from my old colleagues ("Enjoy your retirement on the beautiful shores of New England", it reads). I guess this is my equivalent of a cubicle wall.

Also hanging up is my perpetual calendar from Linda & Harriet.  It keeps the birthdays of my nearest & dearest.  I guess I'm a little light on nearest & dearest this month.  Happy Birthday, Rosie!

In my desk's one small drawer, I keep the "essentials".  Basic office supplies.  My fancy colored pencils & some sparkly crayons.  Black felt tip pens (my absolute favorite) and some colored ballpoint pens.  I also have a pencilcase that I can fill up and bring with me if I'm on the road.

I try to keep my desktop clean, because I'm prone to clutter and once I let it get out of hand, it gets REALLY out of hand.

I spent most of my days in here.  Working from home, paying bills, sending out emails, blogging.  Shopping online.  

It's an efficient little space and I love it!  Stay productive & stay homey!


  1. You too work form home? It's nice isn't it? Though a bit lonesome at times. Luckily I do have work outside of the home 2 days a week. I love your office and am impressed by how neat it is. Mine is a hot mess in comparison! Though I do love love love my desk (its from LLBean home, the red cottage style desk) I usually can't see much of it as it's covered! You've inspired me to get a bit more organized. :)

    1. I do! I used to work from an office in the city with 9 guys and it was so social and fun (and noisy), so I miss that but I get a LOT more done now.

      I LOVE LLBean furniture! I'm jealous!

  2. lovely office space! and i love how your desk is situated right in front of the window, what a lovely view

    1. Actually... what I mean to share in the post (and totally forgot to) is that my neighbors just built a pool riiiiiiiight into my office window line of sight. It's pretty far away (you can't see it in the picture), but still not the bucolic view I'm used to!

  3. You have done a great job with that office apce. Be nice to get some time alone there and get some work done!

  4. Great space and organization. I love that you have a window seat and that chair is absolutely incredible!



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